Let us help you unleash the power of data for your company.

“These integrations are completely changing the way we do business. The impact is incredible. We’re now doing business the smart way.”
~ Crystal VP of Finance, ScreenPro Graphics

Worry Free Data Engineering and Infrastructure

“Running a successful business involves the complexities of managing people and data. Both are critical to operations. But we simplify making data valuable with our custom and pre-built apps, and you will never wonder about our commitment to your company because our support never falters. You should quit wasting time dealing with issues like data indigestion and let us help you unleash the power of data for your company.” 

~ Nam Nguyen, Nom Nom Data CEO


Raw data
Unstructured Data
Emails & documents
Streaming Systems
Web Scraping
Managed Data Warehousing
Data Lakes
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Data Transformation
Data Migration
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Data Warehousing & Analytics

An intuitive interface to data repositories for analytics and reporting.

Power your platform

Rapid deployment of essential infrastructure and apps to accelerate improved data analytics and processes.

Operational Automation

Options to execute an app based upon a time schedule or the completion of another app.

Managed Data Services

The resources, expertise, and apps to provide consistent quality delivery of data and intelligence to improve business outcomes.

Manage your data with our free platform

The impact is incredible.. we’re now doing business the smart way…”

VP of Finance
~ Manufacturing Firm

We have a cleaner, faster, more reliable data architecture thanks to Nom Nom Data.”

Director of Product
~ Sci-Play

Integrations are going to save us money, get us more efficient”

Director of Customer Success
~ Bypass Mobile

It’s the tool we critically needed to support data exports from our system quickly and responsively.”

Director of Customer Success
~ Bypass Mobile