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stages of data indigestion

Stages Of Data Indigestion

Data indigestion occurs at different stages of growth. A good partner like nom nom data can help you identify and solve the problem. Don’t let data indigestion turn into a disaster.

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gaming analytics

Gaming Analytics

Gaming analytics is different from other types of data analytics. Data analytics teams often face complex big data issues, and must consider the cost of scaling before choosing a technology or platform.

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building a data foundation

Building A Data Foundation

Building a data foundation is easier than you think. Choosing the right architecture for your database is crucial. You don’t necessarily need a custom-built database.

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data monitoring and notification triggers

Data Monitoring

Event-Driven Notifications are easy to setup, but can cause a lot of noise. Data-Driven Notifications can help you avoid alert fatigue. Anomaly-Driven Notifications require a significant investment.

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turnover on small data teams

Turnover On Small Teams

Startups and tech companies with small teams can be seriously compromised by losing one or two key employees. Turnover is costly and damaging, and can lead to lost intellectual property, reduced morale, and service disruption.

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businesses levaraging their data

Leveraging Your Data

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are now able to access big data, AI, and machine learning tools that were previously only available to large organizations. They can use their own data, affordable technologies, and expert guidance to gain meaningful insights.

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CSV to Parquet Formatter: Deep Dive

CSV to Parquet Formatter: Deep Dive

An in-depth look at the code and design of the CSV to Parquet Formatter App, which allows you to easily convert individual text files with comma separated values tot Parquet format.

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