Our Why

We imagine a world where digestible data can simplify the way businesses interact with their information, wherever it resides, allowing them to build communities of knowledge that are accessible and useful to everyone.


Information management is often limited to a small team of data experts. We provide the tools and confidence to enable users to leverage data and resources that were not easily accessible before.


Data processes and interactions can be complex and difficult, but they don’t have to be. We break down barriers to make the steps easier to understand and execute.


Information is the lifeblood of decision making, growth, and progress. We lead with data to provide tangible drivers for all of our actions.


Whether it’s marketing, finance, CRM or other types of information, our solutions build communities of knowledge that can be leveraged by anyone, regardless of background or skill set, to easily find and access the data and experts that they need.

Nam Nguyen
Founder / Lead Architect
Josh Sherman
Director of Customer Success
Craig Jaris
Director of Business Development
Our mission

is to remove the barriers to creating the data solutions needed to drive your business forward. We address the specific areas that stall, complicate, and derail most data projects. Our platform gives developers the tools needed to rapidly build and deploy solution applications because we understand the obstacles that teams face during the creation, implementation, integration, and management of their data environment.

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The impact is incredible.. we’re now doing business the smart way…”

VP of Finance
~ Manufacturing Firm

We have a cleaner, faster, more reliable data architecture thanks to Nom Nom Data.”

Director of Product
~ Sci-Play

Integrations are going to save us money, get us more efficient”

Director of Customer Success
~ Bypass Mobile

It’s the tool we critically needed to support data exports from our system quickly and responsively.”

Director of Customer Success
~ Bypass Mobile