Every organization is experiencing an increased demand for data, and many do not have enough resources to achieve their data-driven goals. We get it. That’s why we built our data integration and automation platform.

Before you invest time in build or buy scenarios, consider what our platform can offer you:
Standard & Custom Integrations

Access to an independent marketplace with a collection of both free and subscription apps available.

Worry-Free Security

Security features that allow apps to be executed without exposing sensitive endpoint credentials.

Automate the Busywork

Automation options to execute an app based on a time schedule or the completion of another app.

Low-Code/No-Code Interface

An intuitive interface that consolidates and simplifies interactions with data tool apps.

Our Data Management, Integration and Automation Platform

  • Providing automation, security, dash-boarding, and a simple, consolidated interface for your data tools
  • Capable of running on-premises or in the cloud
  • Your business information is collected, stored, and processed inside of your environment and never leaves your control
Our Marketplace offers you the flexibility to obtain the right low-code tools, when you need them.

You don’t have to build Nom Nom Apps from scratch or maintain them

You can install many different Nom Nom Apps in your Nominode

If you don’t see a Nom Nom App for the data tooling you need today, let us know and you’ll see it shortly after we share the need with our active community of developers

Overloaded Data experts

A data scientist, analyst or engineer. An IT manager. A C-Level executive. There are many individuals whose shoulders are heavy with data requirements. They need a partner that will support them cost-effectively and optimize data-driven workflows, reducing complexity.


What did the Overloaded Analyst do?

The overloaded business user discovered the Nominode platform which is free to download, install and use. In the Nom Nom Marketplace, they found a combination of free and paid apps for their Nominode that they could subscribe to for automation and management of data workflows. They realized long-range benefits of utilizing the Nominode to increase efficiency and save time.


Yes, up to five users can use as many free apps as they want for as long as they want. Paid apps and reasonable pricing for additional users are also available.

Yes, your data does not leave your systems. We do not have access to your data and we push new features and apps to you.

We have a community of developers eager to create new apps that solve any business needs that may arise.

Each app is reviewed and tested to verify its quality and trustworthiness prior to being made available in our store.

Manage your data with our free platform

The impact is incredible.. we’re now doing business the smart way…”

VP of Finance
~ Manufacturing Firm

We have a cleaner, faster, more reliable data architecture thanks to Nom Nom Data.”

Director of Product
~ Sci-Play

Integrations are going to save us money, get us more efficient”

Director of Customer Success
~ Bypass Mobile

It’s the tool we critically needed to support data exports from our system quickly and responsively.”

Director of Customer Success
~ Bypass Mobile