How do you plan to spend your Thanksgiving?

Will you be sharing it with family and friends, or will you focus on the day-to-day tasks involved in running your business?
Thanksgiving is a busy time for families. It’s more important than ever to enjoy these moments together, given the past couple of years. 

We all need a break from the daily grind of running our businesses. But business never stops, and we still need to take care of tasks that keep the revenues flowing. So how can you have your turkey and eat it too?



One way that you get to enjoy your thanksgiving, and allow employees to enjoy their holidays – is to make more use of automation. You can create automation applications based on each task and schedule a time to run your desired task. Connecting multiple tasks together enables you to automatically perform a variety of business tasks without the need for human intervention.


Here Are Some Examples of Automation that will allow you to enjoy time with your family over the holidays:

  • Email autoresponders are an effective way of keeping prospects and customers informed of your availability. They provide immediate responses around the clock, whether you’re working or not. Set up different email autoresponders to let prospects and customers know when you will be available to respond personally. 
  • Content marketing is effective for building your brand and growing your business. Automation enables you to publish your valuable content days, weeks, and months into the future. Write content for blog posts, articles, and newsletters when you have the time, and then automate publication during the holidays. 
  • Sales and marketing funnels help to keep a steady flow of leads and prospects coming into your business. Automate sales and marketing funnels to encourage signups for your newsletter, thank buyers for their purchase, prompt interest with tripwire products, and more. 
  • There’s no need to take phone calls or answer emails from customers when they want to schedule a meeting. Install a meeting scheduling app that lets prospects set up a time to meet that works for you. Update your calendar with your availability around the holidays to avoid scheduling conflicts. 

Managed Services

As a managed services provider (MSP), Nom Nom Data provides a number of key services to make your holidays more stress-free. Managed services can include computer and asset management, cyber security, cloud computing services, disaster recovery planning, cloud computing, and end-user support, and more.

Over the holidays, you might be short of staff because key employees are taking time off. That could leave your business vulnerable or under stress due to looming deadlines. The solution is to partner with an MSP to manage the workload. Their technical resources and expertise can handle those duties during holiday times and when your schedule is full. They can jump right into providing support, with no need to worry about training to get them up to speed. Since you’ve already partnered with the MSP to handle busy stretches, there are no extra expenses to deal with, as they’ve already been worked into the budget. 

If you’re curious about how automation can work for you, schedule a mutual discovery call now.


Take the time to enjoy Thanksgiving with your family, and let your employees do the same. Data Automation enables you to fulfill many manually performed tasks, and it stops you from being constantly distracted by work-related notifications. Partnering with an MSP will ensure that your business keeps running safely and securely when you and your staff are enjoying holiday downtime.


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