How Business Owners Save Thousands By Automating Data Entry

Managing people, turnover, and the complexities around data is hard. Many companies are using data entry from tradition.
Luckily the cost of software has greatly decreased. So much that by creating or reusing productized data applications written by experienced developers, you don’t have to hire a full-time team. Automation can take out the hassle around managing your data with pre-built apps for automation.

Nom Nom Data makes data automation faster, cheaper, and better by allowing businesses to rapidly use existing or custom data applications to leverage Expertise, Cost, and Project Velocity. This gives you the ability to lower your operation’s cost but also increases your ability to scale.

What We Will Cover In This Article:

  • The Problem With Data Entry
  • How Data Automation Helps You
  • Three Steps To Data Automation
  • Conclusion

The Problem:
So you need to move important information/ data from one place to another. Your options until now have been to either do it yourself (not happening) or hire someone to do data entry. And so starts the tedious journey of creating a job post, and waiting for a month for the applications to roll in, so you can start the interview process.

Why automate your data entry?

  • The hiring process is long.
  • The candidates (while not completely their fault) are not exactly what you’re looking for.
  • The time it takes to train the employee, makes it not worth replacing them.
  • After a few hours of work, the rate of input goes down.
  • After a few weeks of working, low input becomes the norm.
  • As humans we need to take breaks, sometimes don’t feel like it.

More importantly, the likelihood of Errors is SO HIGH!


This is exactly where automation comes in handy…

When you choose to automate, you’re hiring a computer or program to do the work. The way to hire a computer is by purchasing one (which you probably already have), or Cloud computing is rapidly available at extremely low cost today:

  • Computers don’t get tired
  • Can process thousands of entries instantly
  • Available 24/7
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world that has a connection
  • And will complete tasks over and over as scheduled without needing to clock out.

With an acceptable level of errors which is close to none.


Here at Nom Nom Data, we realized that every business that hires Developers and Data Solutions often do similar tasks:

  1. Pull information from somewhere: This is data generated by a customer or potential client that is either on a physical document or on an app or site.
  2. Process (do something with) that information: Analyze the type of data, classify it, then take desired actions on the information. Some examples might include: removing extra spaces, or formatting in a preferred way of storing it.
  3. Push that data somewhere to use or see: Most of the time we do Not want to see the information the way it’s stored. So making this information legible and visually appealing to the human eye is of importance here. Companies can also create or generate future projections with their data if desired.

Here’s How Nom Nom Data Can Help:
With you in mind, we’ve decided to automate that process to make it easier than hiring. We built applications that do all of these for you. All you have to do is subscribe to the application and it’s yours to complete all these tasks, As much as you need it, As many times as you need it.

We’re also able to customize all of these to fit your business needs without the headaches of hiring a team at a high cost with long project completion times. This is especially beneficial for those who are not as technical nor care to deep dive into the technical details.

The sad part is that Every Company until now has and will hire a developer or team, often for a salary of well over $150,000 to build this for them. This project will take months to complete. Nom Nom Data will solve this at a fraction of the cost, with faster delivery dates, and more experienced experts.


Here Is A Great Example:
In case you’re still curious if this can apply to your unique business needs, we want to share some different examples of how data entry automation can work for you:

If your business still performs manual tasks. This becomes harder to scale, as the more you increase your business, the more resources (employees, time, etc.) you need. This will not be so with automation. The cost of automation has dropped now that pre-built data apps can help automate the tedious little things that humans used to do.

In this case, we take a look at a company whose customer orders came in from their website to email. Could you imagine getting hundreds of important emails daily, and having to read them to then input that information manually into your order processing systems? What if you miss or forget one. And what if you want your company to increase revenue. Surely more revenue is good, but this also increases the numbers of orders, and thus manual input.

Hiring an employee for data entry would make sense in the early 2000s, but today we can leverage the power of automation and integration. By creating a simple app that reads the email or orders that come in from the website and AutoMagically (automatically + magically) sends them to be processed.

By having Nom Nom Data Automate their order processing, screen pro graphics are able to free up funds, free up time while getting orders processed at rapid speeds, while now being able to increase the number of orders and revenue without the headaches from before. And this was just the beginning.


If you’re curious about how automation can work for you, schedule a mutual discovery call now.


We’ve covered some real word headaches today that are yet to be solved effectively. The hiring & employee problem is still a sensitive issue. We’ve all grown accustomed to hiring massive teams to complete tasks, while just dealing with the pain and inefficiencies.

Find Out Why Small and Medium-sized Businesses Are Succeeding at Leveraging Information.

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