DanceFight is an application that allows you to challenge friends and others to virtual dance battles across the world. In the spirit of joy, and connection, these battles are friendly by nature and allow users to express themselves through dance. 

DanceFight’s inception came while the founders were at a yearly Global Youth Peace Summit. When the music started so did the dancing and the dance-offs. Walls came down. Fear and insecurity took a back seat. And the fact that they didn’t all speak the same language quickly became irrelevant.

Seeing how everyone got a chance to be & express themselves regardless of language, country, race, beliefs. The founders were inspired by the joy and connection that came from music and dance. The DanceFight App was created to share this joy and connection across all borders.

The App was created, funds were raised, and users joined. Things were going well until they realized there was a small problem. With so many users, they needed a way to put everyone front and center. Many apps encounter this same issue to put the most popular, relevant content on the landing page known as the feed.

When you think about the feed apps like Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Tik Tok, and so many more may come to mind. if you have ever been the victim of scrolling for what feels like hours on Netflix, only to find nothing good to watch. You now know the importance of the problem that dancefight was up against.

Dancefight turned to experts they could trust to get the job done, but not after trying on their own. These projects often require a full team of Data Scientists, QA, DevOps, and Data Engineers.  Most companies start with a data scientist. The cost of a data engineer alone would make sense to work with Nom Nom Data.

From the moment they reached out to Nam Nguyen (CEO of Nom Nom Data), listened to the problem, understood it well, and was able to communicate to the Dancefight team what they were experiencing, and why, the solution to the problem, and a few cool features that could be added (we’ll get to those in a second). Dancefight was also looking for a not-off-the-shelf, customizable solution. After listening to Nam, this partnership was a no-brainer.

Nom Nom Data had the expertise to solve the problem in a faster timeline while reducing the project cost. The task at hand was to create a feed of popular and personalized content in a way that the users would have a great experience.

Nom Nom Data created a data pipeline so that when a user request was received, the desired information was delivered to the user in milliseconds and improved their experience with the app.

Nom Nom Data developed algorithms to pre-calculate popular content and have it ready to feedback into the DanceFight platform at the user’s request.


While also ingesting additional information that might be valuable. Remembered we mentioned that Nam had a few cool features up his sleeves. Imagine being able to pull a list of the most popular, or most used songs for that week for your users. There are many options available to improve the user experience that is out of the box thinking that someone like Nam brings to the table.


dancefight app image

Here’s what DanceFight’s Co-Founder Ryan Jordan had to say:

“Nom Nom Data has taken what was a very basic content recommender system, and transformed it into a robust, near real-time algorithm that is always learning.

This ensured that DanceFight users are served the content they most want to experience, and it has led to greater user engagement, retention, and organic install ratio of our app.

In addition to building out the foundation of the new algorithm, Nom Nom Data continues its daily management, including monitoring feedback loops and ongoing optimization.”

~ Ryan Jordan, DanceFight Co-Founder.


We here at Nom Nom Data love hearing and helping those in need of our services. In this case DanceFight, the App that brings people together for joy and connection through dance.


If you own a company and would like to see how Nom Nom Data can work for you, schedule a call:


“We also sincerely hope that along the way we help reframe how competition is seen and experienced. Where being yourself, letting go of the fear of judgment, being courageous, and celebrating your uniqueness are valued way more than simply winning.” ~ DanceFight


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