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Austin, TX РJuly 12, 2022 РNom Nom Data is a new IT services and consulting company, based in Texas but serving clients nationwide. Their team delivers specialized data foundations to help businesses scale  including a powerful community-driven data platform.

When organizations don’t have the resources to reach their data-related goals, Nom Nom Data steps in. The company’s mission is to remove barriers to the best-fitting data solutions, driving businesses forward. Their platform gives developers the necessary tools to rapidly build and/or deploy crucial data solutions.

Currently, Nom Nom Data offers:

– Intuitive data warehousing and analytics
– Rapid infrastructure and app deployment
– Expert managed data services
– Automated app-based scheduling
– Custom Integrations

Companies typically hire a data team to build and integrate their personalized solutions. Nom Nom Data streamlines this effort by offering fixed costs and a retainer pricing model. In most cases, their team believes they can reduce a company’s data costs by half.

As companies mature, so do their data requirements. Nom Nom Data helps businesses keep up with their complex growth by speaking to leadership teams, evaluating the drawbacks of the current system, building custom data infrastructures, and dealing with incomplete & dirty data.

Nom Nom offers a wide range of solutions to a variety of clients, including those in:

– SaaS & Technology
– eCommerce & Retail
– Gaming
– Finance
– Content Creation

Recently, Nom Nom partnered with Scientific Games to tackle their challenges with data ownership and inefficient internal processes. In just five months, Nom Nom was able to increase Scientific Games productivity by 50%. They also helped them save $1 million in the first year and process data inquiries at 30x the original speed.

In a similar case, Nom Nom Data partnered with DanceFight to produce a data feed of popular, personalized content for their users. Not only did Nom Nom help with this task, but they made it possible for DanceFight to grow without investing in an in-house senior engineer.

“Running a successful business involves the complexities of managing people and data. Both are critical to operations,” says Nam Nguyen, CEO of Nom Nom Data. We simplify making data valuable with our custom and pre-built apps, and you will never wonder about our commitment to your company because our support never falters.”

By tailoring to each customer’s unique business needs and leveraging their data platform, Nom Nom Data delivers the data solutions many companies need.

About Nom Nom Data

Nom Nom Data is an Austin-based IT services and consulting business that’s revolutionizing data automation. They simplify complex data requirements by streamlining integration, collection, and clean-up processes. To learn more, please visit their website:¬†


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